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Welcome to VaultTec Services

10 Years Experience

With over 10 years of experience, we know a thing or two about vaults. Did you know you can actually lock those things?

When we started Vault Tec our founder wanted to make a difference in the world of vaults. They lived, breathed and ate vaults, some may say this is the reason they died. But in the last 10 years we've learned more about vaults than we ever imagined. Now with over 50 clients we can share our knowledge of vaults with the world and make our founder proud.


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Our Services

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Our team of highly skilled vault programmers are capable of programming any vault!

Vault Programming


We can help with the locking, unlocking, cleaning and more with all size vaults to fit your needs.

Low Capacity Vaults


Building a new vault and want to have all the latest and greatest tech? Our team lives on the cutting edge of vault technology so that you don't have to!

Vault Design


We get it, it's fun getting a new electronic toy. But it's not fun having to get rid of it. We'll get rid of it for you and take it out back to the shed just like Olde Yeller.

Electronics Disposal


Got old bills, new bills, broken bills, duck bills and more? We'll take em, and get them to the people to make things happen.

Currency Recycling


Who can actually say something is armored or not. It's not like there is a book of words that describe exactly what they mean.

"Armored" Transport

Our Team

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Scruffy McScrufface

Chief Bark Officer

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Virgil Simpson

Director / Site Designer

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Nancy Drew


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Mick Flair

Vault Engineer

Richard Chiclets

Vault Race Car Driver

Frequently Asked Question

You May Ask

Our founder certainly could. Although our lawyers say we shouldn't recommend it.
While there have been many stories of vaults hurting people, the majority of times it's actually the opposite. We see more Human on Vault related crimes than the reverse. Remember, a vault just want's to protect your money!
Looks like you have a hard time reading as it's listed above the services, but just to be nice. We perform any and all services related to vaults.
We like to think so!



Officer Sexton Hardcastle

Officer for the L.S.P.D.

Bank Robberies have gone down drastically since Vault-Tec has come to town.